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Rules & Regulation

The code of Conduct, as envisaged below is the summary of what every student East & West is expected to follow:-

.Admission to this school implies willingness on the part of the pupils and their parents to comply with the rules and regulation of the school,which may be framed from time to time.

.Admission from Prep.class to Std.IX (inclusive) shall be made in the month of march/april and in class-XI in the month of june.candidates seeking admission to these classes shall be required to get their names registered with the school office and to appear at the admission test on the date indicated in the calendar.Admission shall be made purely on merit and convassing in any from shall go against the candidate,even though found eligible for admission .

  • Punctuality and regularity in attendance is essential.

  • Students who come to school late or have been absent the previous day must bring a letter of explanation without fail. In case of illness a Medical Certificate should be sent.

  • Students are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises during regular school hours.

  • Students may be required to take part in various school activities and when required to do so, participation will be deemed compulsory.

  • Students must come to school in neatly laundered uniform and polished shoes. Hair should be trimmed and nails must be cut regularly. Trinkets, jewellery should not be worn to school.

  • Pupils are forbidden to carry objectionable literature or expensive items to school. The school does not take responsibility of lost articles, money etc.

  • Respect for school property and school belongings is an absolute must. Any intentional damage to any school property is a severe violation of the code of conduct and makes the student liable for replacement of the damaged piece.

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