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                                                                                  Guidelines for Sponsorship

Sponsor a Child at East & West Primary School or East & West High School, Bela
School - based Sponsorship/Outreach Programme of East & West Primary/High School, Bela is primarily meant for the children from disadvantaged group or weaker sections, from Bela and adjoining cluster of villages, as well as from outside. Some children will be accommodated in the hostel for fuller attention, while a larger number of children from the neighbourhood can be admitted as day scholars. Preference will be given to the girl child from the neighbourhood as day scholars. Currently the school is catering to sixty villages in the neighbourhood.

Sponsorship Scheme
While individuals can sponsor even one child, from institutions it is desirable that children are sponsored in units of ten, that is ten or twenty or fifty or hundred. Per child sponsorship will entail a support / donation as per the slab given below. The sponsorship may be open, leaving the choice of beneficiary to the management of East & West Primary / High School, or one may like to nominate a child (or more children) of their own choice. It is possible to sponsor on behalf of or in the name of one's parents or near and dear ones, and it will be duly recorded and acknowledged and progress report will be sent as per the option given by the sponsor. Donors will be kept posted with the progress of the sponsored child or the group of children being sponsored by them.

Eligibility of children for sponsorship
Children from disadvantaged groups or weaker sections which find it difficult to support education of their children even at the low expenses will be eligible for full sponsorship unless the sponsor admits a particular child to the school on his / her own or nominates a specific child. In case selection is being made by school, preference will be given to children from dalit families, with special attention to the girls. Among the day scholars sponsored children will again be preferably girls from weaker sections including dalits and minorities.

Different types of Sponsorship Day Scholars
PRIMARY SCHOOL: Rs. Six thousand five hundred per child per annum in one annual installment or four quarterly installments. HIGH SCHOOL: Rs. Ten thousand per child per annum in one annual installment or four quarterly installments.

A. Full Sponsorship: Rs. Twenty five thousand per annum in one annual or four quarterly installments. B. Full Sponsorship (with free student ship): Rs. Twenty thousand per annum in one annual or four quarterly installments C. Half Sponsorship (with free student ship): Rupees Twelve thousand per annum in one annual or four quarterly installments Children covered under categories B & C will be deemed to be free students, and a list of such children will be maintained separately. Under category B the school merely gives free education to the child while sponsors bear all the remaining financial burden, but under category C school, in addition, bears part of the additional responsibility. There will be a comprehensive, continuous and cumulative recording of the progress of all sponsored children covered by all three categories, which will be shared periodically with the sponsors and a committee to be constituted for monitoring and supervising the scheme. The amount received towards sponsorship will be entitled for tax rebate U/S 80G of Income Tax Act, 1861 granted to East & West Educational Society. While sponsorship will be on an annual basis, it is expected from the sponsor to support a child till she/he completes education up to class XII.

The maximum concession that can be given in the hostel for non-sponsored candidates will not exceed the facility under category C, subject to the approval of a committee constituted for the purpose. Ordinarily the concessional rates will be as provided for under category B. For any clarification reference may be made to SMC or its chairperson.

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