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The motto of East & West High School, Gyanam ashta cha, reveals at least a facet of the philosophy of the institution. Apart from equipping young pupils with intellectual abilities and developing basic competence in them, the institution lays great stress on the values that they inculcate, the faith they develop in their own self, mankind and a range of human qualities. To enable a child to grow into a healthy, capable and good individual is an aim E&WHS seeks to fulfill in respect of each of its students.

Metaphorically East & West stands for a blend of two complementary characteristic of an ideal human being. If he should be strong, capable and confident, he should also be humane and useful for the society at large. Admittedly such an aim is not easy to achieve and yet over the years of its experience, the institution has enhanced its own capability of accomplishing the task in a substantial way.

East & West High School consciously pays almost equal attention to both English and Hindi languages. Although it is an English medium school, at the primary level use of mother tongue or Hindi is not discouraged, and further, an experimental batch is likely to be taken up in the Hindi medium as well. Language training is an end in itself and quite valuable and then it is a means of subject studies or even the entire range of intellectual endeavor.

Language and mathematics are the most important components of the school curriculum but a fuller education means much more and this school aims at that. Alongside the development of critical and rational faculties of a child the school should contribute towards the blossoming of the creative potential of every child. East & West High School seeks to create a proper learning environment conducive to the achievement of these goals


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